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Golden Gift Việt Nam introduce 24K gold-plated iPhone XS

If you are a fan of iPhone and want to own the gold-plated version of iPhone that Apple does not have, you can easily buy one from the market in Vietnam.

Recently, a domestic company specializing in processing golden gifts has just launched a very exquisite gold-plated version of iPhone XS. It takes a long time to complete the gold-plated flagship which is much more expensive than the original price of Apple.Apple’s original version – just gold color.

The differences in prices between the originals and the 24K gold-plated versions of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be enough for a new iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. However, the price may not be a big problem to iFans.

iPhone 7, iPhone X and iPhone Xs are gold-plated

“The gold-plating process of iPhone XS is more complex than the previous flagships,” said, Technical Director of Golden Gift Vietnam, Quang Tu. “There are plastic edges which divided into different symmetry partitions on the flagship’s frame, so we need to create the extra electrodes to connect when plating.”

The back of the iPhone Xs is added a new metal layer, replacing the original glass of Apple

In addition, in order to coat a “full” gold layer on the back that is originally made of glass, the engineers have to add a new layer of metal to replace the original glass of Apple with 1: 1 ratio.

It is quite difficult to distinguish between iPhone X and iPhone XS after being gold-plated

“In particular, the back layer of gold-plated version can be freely customized to customers’ designs, carved messages, logos, names or any images,” Mr. Tu shared.

The extra plastic edges on its top and tripod is the main difference of the iPhone XS

The single gold-plating process costs VND 15 million, including the cost of the customized layer on the back, and the plating process takes from 2 to 7 days to complete. However, customers can order a gold-plated set (flagship + gold-plating) from Golden Gift Vietnam. The price is from VND 45 million to VND 55 million, depending on the version and capacity. For the international market, the price might be higher.

So, it will cost about VND 45 million to VND 55 million to own this gold-plated iPhone XS. At this high price, not all people are not willing to purchase one, except a fan of Apple and gold.

Khôi Nguyên/ Golden Gift Việt Nam